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"The most authentic Italian ice cream in Liverpool"

David Lloyd - Seven Streets

Welcome to Paolo & Donato’s Italian Deli offering customers a deli cafe, homemade Italian cakes, specialist Italian beverages, a selection of light bites and paninis, pizzas by the metre and more than 20 different varieties of homemade Italian ice cream.

Chef's Recommendations


Pomodoro, Mozzorella, Salami.

Cannoli di Ricotta Siciliani

Fried pastry dough filled with ricotta cheese.

P&D Ice Cream

Delicious Italian-style Ice Cream.

Location and Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 08:00am - 18:30pm
08:00am - 19:00pm


“P&D Deli is a true slice of sun-drenched southern Italy in Liverpool’s Williamson Square, and what a slice it is!”

– Rebecca Harvey – INOUT Magazine

“My pizza was very good – one of the best I’ve tried outside Italy.”

– Jade Wright – The Post & Echo

“The best ice cream in Liverpool”

– David Lloyd – Seven Streets

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