Paolo epitomizes all things great about food and wine. From a very early age he has been surrounded by smells, sights and sounds of good food. His induction into restaurant life started at the tender age of 11 as a pot washer in his brother’s restaurant! Having worked his way up through the ranks of the kitchen. Paolo was delighted when he has the opportunity to train at the prestigious Etoile Cookery School. And it is from there, that his travels brought him to Il Forno in Liverpool. Ever since then, Paolo has continued to develop his passion for traditional Italian cuisine cooked simply with local produce. He finds nothing more rewarding than people enjoying his food.

Donato’s introduction into the restaurant industry started when he was just 13 years old in Germany However, wanting to say close to his roots, he returned home to Italy after 6 months hard graft! From there, he continued his studies and worked the next seven summers in various hotels and restaurants in and around Venice, developing his love and knowledge of Italian food and wine. At just 21 years old, Donato opened his first restaurant with the help of his mother, father, wife and brother. And in the 13years of running this establishment. Donato also taught at a hotel and catering college in his home town of Potenza His dedication and commitment to service is exemplary, ensuring that each and every guest has the P&D experience, in true Italian style. He prides himself on creating a lasting impression and always exceeds the customer’s expectation when they come to dine with us.

Antonietta is married to Donato who she met at the tender age of fourteen. From Vagilio in small village close to Potenza, she has an appreciation for exquisite, simple Italian specialties. Antonietta’s passion is preparing mouth-watering food specifically desserts and her current favorite is the white chocolate and mango cake. Using the finest and freshness ingredients, cooked with true Italian love and passion. We are sure that you will agree that Antonietta makes the most heavy desserts in Liverpool!

Mariana firmly believes that enthusiasm and passion are at the heart of everything Italian, especially cooking. She explains “Food is everything for Italians. We eat for pleasure, never for necessity. Every meal is a kind of rite that takes place every day at least three times per day, except for Sundays: then it lasts all day long! I used to wake up with the beautiful smell of the ragu cooked by my mother since 7 o’clock in the morning. Then we would start eating at about midday, and not stop until nine at night. P&D is a fabulous opportunity for us to share the Italian
passion for authentic Italian cuisine”.